Custom Sewing

Custom Ordering

Ordering Custom Work

Do you have an article or project in mind that you don’t believe you’ll ever find in stores?
Help me to render your ideas to paper, choose every last detail to your liking, provide me with your size, and be patient.  Soon enough you will have that item you’ve always dreamed of!

About Custom Work

Having clothing or home essentials custom-made is a fantastic rarity these days. With all things being mass-produced, we are often able to save money. However, situations will arise where, for example, we will buy ourselves a new dress and head off to a party, only to find another guest wearing the same thing.

By having articles that are significant to use custom-made , we can rest assured that we have a one-of-a-kind item. We can feel a sense of individuality, while knowing that no one else will share this article. We also have an opportunity to express our own creativity while being a part of the design process.

For whatever reason you choose to have something custom-made, we can all appreciate how rare an option it is for most of us in the kind of consumer world we now live in.

Custom Rates

There are no set rates for any kind of Custom Work. The rate always depends upon the complexity of the Article, the amount of detail, and/or the type of materials being used.
Custom Rates tend to range between $18.00 – $26.00/hr.

Contact Everywear with your Custom Order inquiry, and I will be happy to provide you with an Estimate!


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