About Everywear

About the Company:

Everywear is a private seamstress business offering Custom Sewing as well as Repairs and Alterations.

Within Guelph, ON and the surrounding areas, Custom Sewing services are rare to come by, and are predominantly limited to specialty products such as bridal wear. Everywear provides Custom Sewing services ranging from Infant to Adult Clothing, Bedding and Accessories, as well as Repairs and Alterations for a multitude of products.

By offering such a wide range of sewing services, Everywear provides opportunity for consumers to realize products they desire that are unique to meet their specific tastes and needs, as well as improve the quality or extend the lives of products they already own.

About the Products:

All Portfolio items are available to be used as inspiration for future orders, however no one design will ever be reproduced exactly as seen.. This is based on personal artistic procedure, and is meant to provide a sense of unique individuality for the owner. Should you find an item you would like for yourself, we can simply alter the design to suit your tastes.

Custom Work/Orders:

Should you have something specific in mind that you’ve always wanted but never found, simply fill out a Custom Order Request. Such requests are not binding, and all consultation, whether by email or in person is always complimentary.

Please include a description of the item, colour ideas, required size, etc… Ordering Custom Work is all about making sure you have EXACTLY what it is you are looking for, after all! I will strive to return your inquiry within five business days. Your patience is very much appreciated during this process.

A 40% deposit will only be required upon the completion of the consultation, and to aid in the purchasing of materials. The full balance will be due upon shipping/receiving of the finished article.

For full details about Custom Ordering, click here.

Company Policies


Much time is spent and many details are considered throughout the consultation process for Custom Work. Therefore, no exchanges or refunds can be given for such a purchase.
All Retail Items however are fully refundable, given that no damage has been inflicted upon the product since purchase. If the item is being returned due to manufacturing problems, shipment fees will be reimbursed. Otherwise, all costs involved in the return of the product will be incurred by the customer.

Product Quality:

All Custom Work, unless otherwise requested will be made from 100% New Materials and created, start-to-finish by one person alone.
Retail Items are typically comprised of Recycled Materials, but may be requested to contain New Materials only.

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